About NEST - The Village of Comfort

There is brokenness in all our lives — broken hearts and broken dreams, but not all of us can endure it. Many of us, in fact, out of frustration and suffering fall for various substances of abuse, gambling, suicides, other evil practices and NEST, simply, is the shelter for such.. shelter for those suffering from low self esteem, afraid to be the person they are, controlled by forces over which they have no control, compelled by a substance, activity, or person to do things they don’t want to do to live life the way they choose and on goes the list...

Witnessing the number of families being broken down and analyzing the reason behind as the various substances of abuse, drug addiction and various other evils, the Archdiocese of Thrissur, Kerala gave form to a Temperance Movement. This ministry has been consistently demonstrating results since the last 8 years by means of conscientizing, counseling, retreats, treatment for the chemically dependent, rehabilitation, follow-up methods, etc.

Our Committee has a total strength of 1,850 active members throughout the Diocese and over 9000 families as helpers. In our opinion, generating awareness of the evils of addiction is essential for creating a drug free society. Accordingly, we have a philanthropic group specially trained to bring about awareness in the society and to become Love Bombs that explode to heal the broken hearts of our society. We have been doing our bit in the form of awareness lectures, street plays, etc. Our main areas of work are:

• Educational Institutions
• Parishes
• Hospitals
• Orphanages
• Juvenile Homes
• Prisons
• Streets
• Slums
• Industrial areas
• Markets

Over the last 8 years we have been successful in providing free counseling to over 9,000 families. We have also worked in over 190 schools meeting a total of over 3 lakh students. In addition, we also visit homes of our clients to give them prayer support.

All the activities of our ministry have led to the formation of “NEST - The Village of Comfort”, a Natural Empowering,Survival, Treatment and Research Center located in Cheroor, Kuttumukku. As a result of our continuous prayers and efforts, our dream project gradually began to take shape on an acre of land that was spared for this very purpose by the Archdiocese of Thrissur, Kerala in which the Foundation Stone was laid and blessed by the Archbishop of Thrissur, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Jacob Thoomkuzhy on 24th of December, 2004. It was blessed and inaugurated by His Grace Mar Andrews Thazhath, Archbishop of Thrissur on 20th of January,2007.

At NEST, clients are gradually taught to lead a disciplined and healthy lifestyle through an intensive schedule including yoga, meditation, Defferent types of therapies, daily moral inventory, management of feelings, intensive group and individual counseling, treatment, recreation and exposure to world affairs via cable. All this is backed by expert medical and psychiatric services and regular updates to family.

The look and feel of the various blocks and cottages amidst the lush green paddy fields are designed to provide you with comfort, warmth and appreciation for some of the finer things during your time with us. We have made every attempt to make your time with us comfortable and healing.

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