Angels Rehabilitation Center

"Recovery is not the end of addiction.
It is the end of Ignorance about addiction."

The very last bit of the program is specifically designed to provide the client with the specialized drug rehab aftercare treatment needed and for follow-up. When the client believes that he or she is able to handle any and all issues and circumstances that will arise in life, he/she leaves the drug rehab program.

The idea behind residential treatment is that the individual suffering from addiction is able to leave their destructive environment and enter into a clean and sober environment which is drug free. Their reminders of drugs such as the cabinet where they kept their alcohol or the drawer where they kept their stash are no longer a temptation reminding them of their addiction. They begin to see how to live life without drugs and alcohol through their time spent away from their previous environment. Additionally, individuals are able to associate with others who share their same goal of addiction recovery throughout their stay. As time progresses they are able to handle more and more responsibility within the residential treatment facility and are expected to be part of the community in which they live. This means helping those who are just beginning as well as those around them. This availability of individuals and staff at any hour is invaluable when a person is going through residential drug treatment

Angels Rehabilitation Center is a non-clinical “family type” Residential Recovery Program designed to provide an environment that is conducive to realizing a true quality of life in sobriety. This wing is in the form of 24 cottages - 12 each on either side of the central administrative block set in a nurturing, holistic and serene environment Each cottage consumes an area of 250 square feet including a beautiful garden around the cottage. We provide a moderately structured living experience that complements residents’ treatment, if necessary, while at the same time, helping them develop the skills they need to live independently in the community. Each cottage offers a home-like residence with a comfortably designed warm cozy single bedroom, a private bath, a drawing room, a small kitchen and a drying room.. We also provide specially prepared meals. Residents benefit from 24-hour staff support. The cottages are available for families, couples and singles and will be chargeable according to the length of stay.

In the rehabilitation programmes, NEST plays a distinctive role. For over 8 years we have worked effectively with people suffering from the effects of substance abuse. In addition to working with the addict, NEST has built a reputation for working with the families of addicts, which allows us to focus on issues of unmanageability that few address: workaholism, compulsive care giving, control, perfectionism, misery addiction, sex/relationship addiction, and various other self-defeating habits.

As you can see, it is important that you make an educated decision when, for many, recovery has become a revolving door of treatment center after treatment center. This need not be the case. Drug & alcohol recovery is possible. You can do it and we can help! We have over eight years of experience specializing in drug treatment and alcohol treatment.

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