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A vast majority of those who abuse drugs and alcohol have self-esteem issues and feel powerless in the face of beating their alcohol abuse problem. Therefore, in this wing we focus on building self-esteem and helping our clients begin to feel their own self-worth again. This in turn builds their confidence and their ability to create the lives they want. With a sense of powerfulness and self-worth, clients are in a better place to say “no” to unhealthy, addictive behaviors and to say “yes” to the healthy choices that make life worth living. In addition, clients gain skill at recognizing the “addictive part” of themselves and at diffusing its power.
When an individual with a drug or alcohol abuse problem has made a conscious decision to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, but has been unsuccessful in all attempts to do so on their own, it may become necessary to solicit help from a drug treatment or alcohol treatment professional. Also, individuals with years of heavy drug or alcohol abuse may have a more difficult time when it comes to ending their abuse patterns. The difficulty may lie in fact that their lifestyle has consisted of drug or alcohol use for such an extended period of time that it may be difficult to imagine them living without substances. This type of individual may greatly benefit choosing a drug treatment or alcohol treatment method.

Our Treatment Philosophy:
We believe that addiction affects every aspect of the afflicted person’s life; at the physical and mental level, in relationships and even causes the person to lose all sense of morality. The addiction has a way of recurring and only a total change in attitude can bring any meaningful recovery. Our approach is, therefore, a complete approach to the addict….a holistic Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual therapeutic framework. Highly trained, respectful, and deeply committed doctors, psychologists, counselors and support/recovery staff gently and firmly guide clients to their customized individual goals for optimal personal success. We work with the entire person to improve self-esteem and self-worth, heal core traumas, learn life-skills, gain control over addictive patterns, improve the health of the body, in addition to recovering from the Drug dependency.

Unconditional acceptance of our client as a human being differentiates his behaviour and person-hood. We avoid labeling and refer to him as a friend and call him by his name.
We believe that every individual is rational, constructive, positive, trustworthy and full of potential. He may for some time act, think, feel and behave irrationally, but he has an innate capacity of correcting his thoughts, feelings and actions if he realizes that they are causing hindrances in life. We try to help our client to detect his distorted cognitions and help him replace those by appropriate ones.
Security and love are very important needs of the client. We feel that dormitory living and community approach provides emotional bonding among the friends. They sense and feel love in the setting.
Restoring faith in human values is the essence of recovery. Honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are considered to be values of recovery. Our daily routine reinforces value of time while yoga reinforces value of discipline, cleanliness and commitment.
Reintegration in the family setup is the key of rehabilitation. The family must assume the responsibility of rehabilitation of the recovered addict. Therefore we primarily focus on reintegration in the family. During the course of the treatment we arrange two family educative group sessions and motivate the family members to accept the client as a person while condemning his behaviour. We stress the need to provide watchful support for his sober living. We also try to include influential members from the society to help in recovery and reconciliation process.
Human beings are happiest when they establish their life goals and actively strive to achieve them. We help our client to establish his life goals. He is encouraged and his confidence boosted.
Restoring and/or nurturing and enriching relationships are a very important part of the recovery process. Healthy relations assist the recovery process. We realized that friends after discharge suffer from many marital problems. Therefore, we also have marital counseling that helps many couples to restore their relationship.
Healthy and creative activities like art, music, hobbies, and physical exercise can substitute addiction. We encourage friends to develop hobbies and express themselves in the art of their choice. Yoga and meditation is taught to all patients.
Drug dependence especially drug addiction and alcoholism are believed to be a learned behavior that masks a person’s emotional or physical pain, and is not recognized as a disease or mental illness. We use this attitude to provide the most effective drug rehab treatment program available. There simply is no more effective way to combat addiction.

We offer a partial hospital and acute residential program with 24-hour staffing, for in-depth individual assessment, personalized and comprehensive consultation, treatment and evaluation. Group and individual psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, family therapy, case management and ongoing support and education are included in the program. We also focus on the related family and vocational issues, relapse triggers and coping skills.

The initial step of choosing a treatment program should ensure that the most effective treatment method is selected which best fit the individual’s specific treatment needs. If an incorrect evaluation is made when selecting a treatment modality the individual chances for failure increase significantly. In-depth assessment of each individual’s unique situation allows for a treatment approach that is personalized and comprehensive. Recognizing that individuals vary widely in terms of motivation for treatment and life circumstances, the staff is committed to developing flexible strategies for achieving treatment goals. Both professional care and self-help approaches are integrated into the model. The program’s goal is to help patients achieve and maintain abstinence, reclaim a sense of self worth, and learn to manage the stresses of an active life without returning to substance dependence.

Various streams of pharmacotherapy are available. According to the need and state of our clients, we offer Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Naturallopathic modes of treatment.

Compassionate and well-trained support workers are available around the clock throughout the 21-day therapy session. We have a team of 2 doctors, 4 nurses, 5 nuns and 10 counselors for 24- hour service within our clients’ reach. Our residential facilities include 10 wards with 6 beds per ward and 40 single rooms. Length of stay is usually 21 days but may be longer.

Regular individual counseling and daily group therapy combined with up-to-date clinical education and self-care seminars make NEST one of the most intensive and thorough recovery programmes of the world.

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