Our Mission

Our Principle:

To treat the whole person as well as the illness, treat every person with dignity and respect, continue a commitment, be of service and remain open to innovation.

Our Mission:

To effectively treat individuals suffering from chemical dependence, substance abuse related issues and other affairs, helping them reintegrate into society as productive individuals, in a spirit of love, service and humanity with excellence as our hallmark.

We intend to achieve our Mission by:

Providing an exemplary level of care with a compassionate and knowledgeable staff.
Providing high quality, cost effective drug rehab and substance abuse treatment services through our continuous quality improvement programme.
Providing treatment through a socio-therapeutic model including education, counseling, new lifestyle training and introduction to recovery community.
Ensuring that our drug rehabilitation and sober living environments are safe, supportive and chemical free.
Demonstrating significant reductions in substance abuse and corresponding quality of life improvements.
Achieving co-operative partnerships between treatment staff and clients.

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